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Donic Quattro - Tischtennisbelag

  • Donic Quattro - Table Tennis Rubber


If you put much emphasis on safety during your game, the Donic Quattro is just the right choice for you:

  • harmonic table tennis rubber by means of the included Faktis-technique made by Donic

  • small difference of hardness between upper and lower rubber layer results in higher control!

  • astonishing dynamics, also when using thinner sponges

  • recommendation of TT-SHOP.COM:

  • System Allround: 1.5 mm & 1.8mm

  • System Offensive Minus: 2.0 mm

DONIC QUATTRO - Our recommendation for the gaming style ALLROUND

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Preis wie konfiguriert: 29,90 €


Donic Quattro is a good-to-control table tennis rubber for allround and defending players. The unique Faktis-technique is explained as follows:

The rubber has a quite soft sponge AND a soft topsheet. This was done on purpose. Normally, the sponge is clearly softer than the topsheet. The Faktis-technique leads to a harmony between upper and lower rubber.

Due to this balance between upper and lower rubber, the Donic Quattro only exhibits a small catapult effect. This means the rubber does the things the player wants it to do. This rubber is extremely controlled when playing chopped balls, blocks, and counters. It also exhibits an astonishing dynamic when playing attacking strokes.

The table tennis rubber Donic Quattro is considered as one of the top-sellers of all allround rubbers. For this reason, TT-SHOP.COM recommends this rubber in two saving sets (low-price), combined with proven allround table tennis blades. The first saving set concerns Donic fans. This bat is called:

Further Donic rubbers wanted? The Donic Quattro is a perfect rubber for the majority of players (consider sponge thicknesses!). But is it the one you are searching? If you are not sure, keep doing research. We always want you to be confident a hundred percent. The table regarding rubbers (link above) shows all manufacturer specifications at a glance. By this, not only the Donic Quattro, but many other rubbers are presented. So if desired, you may find another choice. The Quattro is highly suitable - for most players!


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