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Donic Quattro A'Conda Soft

  • Donic Quattro A'Conda Soft

Quick Overview

The Donic Quattro A`conda Soft is a soft and very catchy rubber for allround and defending players, and bases on the FAKTIS-technique. When development this rubber, the main emphasis was put towards the fact that players can produce much spin whilst keeping a high level of ball safety, as well as an optimal feeling for the ball. Because of the FAKTIS technology, Donic was able to produce such a rubber. Additionally, this table tennis rubber keeps its catchiness longer as compared to similar rubbers.

  • soft topsheet with much grip causes immense spin-potential

  • soft sponge causes excellent properties regarding control

  • perfect for safe and very rotational (spinny) defending strokes from far away

  • unpleasant changes of spin cause problems for your opponent

  • for allrounders or defensive players acting with lots of spin

Donic Quattro A'conda Soft - For spinny allrounders and defenders

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For players who play in a more passive way, it is usually very important to play highly rotational and spinny strokes in order to force the opponent to make mistakes. To be able to do that, an appropriate rubber is very important. Such a rubber is, for example, the Donic Quattro A`conda Soft.

This table tennis rubber combines a slow natural rubber with the well known FAKTIS technology made by Donic. This technology reduces the different hardness scores between the topsheet and sponge to a minimum. Therefore, the overall rubber is like a homogeneous unit. Natural rubber is used since it is slower and exhibits more spin compared to synthetic rubber. This allows for a composition based on a very catchy, but also very soft, topsheet, plus a very soft sponge. This creates a larger area when the ball hits the rubber, "helping" to induce much more rotation of the balls.

In addition, the A`conda Soft is very easy to control, constantly providing a good feeling for the ball. It is your choice whether you use massive backspins, confusing spin variations, or highly rotational spins in order to score. Important is, that the Donic Quattro A`conda Soft is a good choice for these techniques.

To summarize, the Donic Quattro A`conda Soft is the ideal partner for a passive game, providing an enormous rotation and spin.

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