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Donic Desto F4

  • Donic Desto F4

Quick Overview

The Desto series has no end! The Donic Desto F4 complements the product line sustainably and usefully. The manufacturer promises pure feeling for the ball. Further details are:

  • gaming style: allround

  • integrated speed gluing effect

  • excellent control, good feeling for the ball when playing in a forward manner

  • recommended for kids and juveniles with ambitions

  • great price-performance ratio

Donic Desto F4 - The Allround Rubber

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Price as configured: €32.90

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The Donic Desto F4 is a rubber for beginners, which corresponds to the allround gaming style. No matter if chopped balls, counters, topspins, or shots: Learning and the manifestation of all techniques in table tennis should be possible using this rubber. It is supposed to offer very good control, but also to provide possibilities to emphasize lucrative features in the forward game. The manufacturer advertises: "Perfect beginners rubber for juniors with ambitions". Indeed, this rubber is not too fast, and it is also not too slow to learn and improve various techniques.

Not only for ambitious players who are still learning the techniques, the Donic Desto F4 is also suitable for allrounders. In this context, we want to highlight its integrated speed-gluing effect. The Desto F4 does not provide such a large catapult effect as do the Bluefire rubbers, for example. It is more appropriate for those of you who want to beat their opponents using well placed and controlled strokes. In contrast to the classical rubbers (e.g. Vario), the Desto F4 offers advantages in the forward game. This is because of the "tuning-effect".

The alternatives within the Desto rubber series are:
  • Donic Desto F1 Plus: Rubber exhibiting the latest ESN technology. Faster, and more sensitive, but also more expensive.
  • Donic Desto F1: Table tennis rubber with the following characteristics: Control 5+, speed 10, spin 10+. Hardest rubber with the most penetrating power.
  • Donic Desto F2: Rubber which is characterized as: Control 6, speed 9+, spin 10+. Medium-hard and designed for an offensive game providing good control.
  • Donic Desto F3: Characteristics: Control 7, speed 8+, rotation 10+. The most important features considering this rubber are gaming fun at good control.
  • Donic Desto F3 Big Slam: Table tennis rubber characterized by: Control 7+, speed 8, rotation 10+. Very soft rubber, designed for allround players who search for the little extra regarding feeling, and/or who love a rich sound.

Donic Desto F4: This rubber is very suitable for players who are (still) learning: Perfect for the introduction into the game with rubbers providing an integrated speed-gluing effect. Also, extremely good control!

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